Proguard Mask Filters 2000 Series


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Product Code: PMF2001 / PMF2003 / PMF2004 / PMF2005 / PMF2006


  • To be used with PHM2000 Half Face Mask.
  • Protect user against organic, inorganic gases and vapours, particulate matters and other specific gases.
  • Comply with EN14387:2004+A1:2008.
  • SIRIM & DOSH Approved
  • Sold in 2pcs/packet.
Product Code
Filter Type Application
PMF2001 A1 Class 1 Organic Gases and Vapours
PMF2003 B1 Class 1 Inorganic Gases and Vapours
PMF2004 E1 Class 1 Acid Gases
PMF2005 K1 Class 1 Ammonia Gases
PMF2006 ABEK1 Combination of Class 1 Multigas Filter

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Product Code

PMF2001, PMF2003, PMF2004, PMF2005, PMF2006


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