Proguard Half Mask 2000 Series


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  • Adjustable head harness assembly, including quick filter replacing mechanism.
  • Silicone face seal, providing comfort and stability with a soft surface on the inside but firm sealing.
  • Nose shape moulded design is built for easy maintenance with fewer parts and crevices.
  • Attachable valve plus filter cover design that directs exhaled breath and moisture outward and allows for an easy positive pressure seal checked.
  • Lightweight, eco-friendly material.
  • Comply with EN 140:1999
  • SIRIM & DOSH Approved
Material Nose Piece Rubber Silicone
Material Face Mask Strap Stretchable Rubber Fabric
Shelf Life 3 years
Certified Standard SIRIM No: PC005484

DOSH No: JKKP/2021/12-01/06/00011/0001


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