OLFA CMP-2 Heavy-Duty Circle Compass Cutter


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OLFA Heavy-Duty Circle Compass Cutter

Code : CMP-2

Olfa CMP-2 Heavy-Duty Circle Compass Cutter, Light weight strong durable sturdy tool for cutting perfect circles, starting at 7cm up to 30cm in diameter, slight adjustments to blade depth can be made, to get through thicker materials, comes ready to use pre loaded with Olfa heavy-duty 18mm LB-Snap -off blade

Adjustable Centre Pivot Point – can be fully exposed or completely hidden

Excellent for scribing lines and cutting materials including paper, cardboard, thick rubber, gasket material, acetates, plywood, vinyl, leatherette, real leather, cork, plasterboard, thin plastics, carpet, banner material and many more

Olfa CMP-2 comes pre-loaded with 18mm LB-10 Olfa blade made from high quality carbon tool steel produced using OLFA’s precise multi-step production process for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention, Long lasting durable snap-off blade – a new sharp edge with each snap, Guaranteed.

Wide range of replacement blades readily available

Blade Specification:

  • Blade Width: 18 mm
  • Blade Length: 100 mm
  • Blade Thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Blade Type 8-segment, 18mm snap-off blade
  • Replacement Blades :LB-10,LM-30B,LBB-30B,LBB-10B,LB-SOL/10,LBD-10,LB-6B,LBD50,LFB-5B,LB-50B,LBB-10,LBB-50,LB-50

Key points

  • Heavy-duty circle cutter
  • Circle cutter for diameter 7 to 30cm
  • Adjustable centre pivot point,
  • Adjustable blade length
  • Snap-off blade
  • Designed for cutting large circles
  • Lightweight model
  • Variety of Replacement blades readily available
  • Easy tool free blade change

All OLFA art blades undergo an advanced production process that results in excellent sharpness and long life.

Made from high-quality carbon tool steel, Excel Black ultra sharp blades are manufactured using a special double honing process. Sharpened over a wider angle, they are much, much sharper than other blades on the market
Micro-honed blade provides superior initial sharpness and edge retention
Exact 59 degree front-edge angle optimizes cutting power and minimizes blade breakage

OLFA blades are designed for right hand or left hand cutting, to ensure safety only use genuine Olfa replacement blades mounted on OLFA cutters and knives

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 150 × 80 mm


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