Canon Scientific Calculator F-570SG


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Canon F-570SG Scientific Calculator

Type : Scientific

Display Type Liquid Crystal Display – TN
Line of Display 2-Line Display
Upper Line: 12 characters
Lower Line: Mantissa + Exp, 12 digits
Display Screen Size 61 x 25mm
General Calculation Yes
Total Functions 488
Store & Recall Memory 9
Metric Conversion 172
Scientific Constants 79
Calculation Expression Direct Input Yes
Parentheses [ ( ], [ ) ] 24
Random Number Yes
Absolute Value Calculation (Abs) Yes
Complex Number Calculation (CPLX) Yes
Base-N calculation
Statistics Calculation (STAT) Yes
1- / 2- Variable Yes
Mean, Standard Deviation, Sum of Value Yes
Regression Analysis Yes
Maximum Value, Minimum Value, Median Value Yes
Probability Distribution Calculations Yes
Improper, Mix Fractions, Decimal conversion Yes
Module Calculation (Mod)
Matrix Calculations (MATX) 3X3
Equation Operation (EQN) Yes
Trigonometry, Inverse Trigonometry Yes
Angles (Degree, Radian, Gradient) Yes
Coordination Conversion (Rectangular <-> Polar) Yes
Low Battery Indication Yes
Automatic Power Off 7mins.
Power Source Dual Power ( Solar & Battery)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (with Cover) 168 x 86 x 17.8mm
(without Cover) 165 x 80 x 14.5mm
Weight (with Hard Case) 127g
(without Hard Case) 89g
Other Features Solve Function
Integration & Differential Calculation
Matrix and Vector calculations

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