Energizer Lithium Coin 2032 BS2 2’S ECR2032BS2G

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Energizer ECR2032BS2G Lithium Coin 2032 BS2

Model : CR2032

Volt : 3 Volt

These Energizer Batteries are perfect for adding charge to stopwatches, electronic organisers and more.

• Holds power for 8 years in storage

• Performs in extreme temperatures (-22 to 140 F)

• These batteries can withstand a temperature range of between -30 to 60 degrees Celsius.

• Cell size : 2016,2025,2032

• IEC : CR2016,CR2025,CR2032

• Type : Lithium Coin

• Volt : 3

• They’re high in density for consistent performance.

• They are leak-resistant and come in child-resistant packaging for added safety.

• There are 2 batteries in this pack.

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