Energizer Charger CHVC5USB Base 4 X 1300MAH


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Energizer CHVC5USB Base Charger 4 X 1300MAH

Model : CHVC5E / CHVC5

Color : Black

Charge Capability : “AA” (2) or (4) / “AAA” (2) or (4) “AA” (2) and “AAA” (2) Simultaneously

Note : When charging only 2 batteries, place batteries in the two positions to the left or right.

Charging Times:


Capacity Estimated


1300-2000 7-11 hrs
AA 2000-2400

11-13 hrs

AAA 500-800

8-12 hrs

Shutoff Mechanism : Safety shut off timer

Charging Current : “AA” 200mA “AAA” 80mA

Trickle Charge : None

Input : USB Power Source (USB A to Micro USB cable included)

Typical Weight: 88 grams

Dimensions (mm) : 34 x 100 x 70 (H x L x W)

Safety Features :

  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Primary Battery Detection
  • Minus Delta Voltage Control (-dV)

Before Using Your Charger: Please read all instructions and cautionary markings on the battery charger, batteries, and device

What’s in the box :

1 x Energizer CHVC5 USB Recharge Base

1 x USB Cable

4 x AA 1300mAh 1.2V

Rechargeable Batteries 1x User Manual

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