DELI Pencil Sharpener DELI E0641



SUPREME DURABILITY - Fullmetal sharpening mechanism appropriate for triangle, hexagon, or round pencils between 7-8mm.

Perfect for high-volume daily use by teachers and students in school.

MORE RELIABLE THAN ELECTRONIC - Avoid expensive batteries and messy cords with an old-fashioned hand-cranked sharpener.

Not only are these quieter, they are much less likely to have problems or break!

ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE - Automatic suction pulls pencil in when turned clockwise and pushes it out when turned the other way.

Easy to create perfect pointed tips with no worry of an uneven sharpen!

EASY TO CLEAN - When the shavings get full, simply pull out the waste box to dump and clean.

Made of thick and easy to handle plastic that does not have any sort of imported factory smell!

Size: 90*42*90mm

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