DOLPHIN 2B Pencil Fluorescent Colour Triangle FC1221 (12 Pcs On Pack)


SKU: 9556939190202

2B Pencils Triangle Shape for Better hand grip 12pcs/box Fluorescent colour design Non Toxic Darker shade Prevent lead breakage Suitable for the use of School, College, Home & Office

This DolphinTRIANGLE Fluorescent Colour 2B Pencil is a new stylish pencil series distributed by Dolphin. It is now comes with a bigger lead for longer use, darker shade, and also with fluorescent colour design. It is also ideal pencil to be use for exam where this TRIANGLE Fluorescent Colour 2B Pencil is in darker shades and easily read by objectives sheet scanner.The packing comes with 12pcs of TRIANGLE Fluorescent Colour 2B Pencils.

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